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All merchandise is Union Made.

Proceeds go directly to Bread and Roses to help support the Workers’ Center.

All bumper stickers are $3.00 each for vinyl, $2.00 each for paper. Same size for all designs (approximately 11"w x 4"h).

All orders must be pre-paid by money order or check (use shopping cart to calculate shipping; you won’t have to complete the transaction) and send to: Address provided upon request.


Click on the Add to Cart buttons to use the PayPal shopping cart. Shipping will be added in the shopping cart.

Discounts available on quantity orders of 10 or more. Ask about discounts here.


To the right is an example of the Bread and Roses logo and address as featured on certain stickers. *Please note our email address has changed from that featured on the sticker. Bread & Roses sticker image


Robin Hood Was Right sticker image
No Human Is Illegal sticker
  Labor Is Entitled To All It Creates sticker image
Sticker #1 – Robin Hood was Right Sticker #2 – No Ser Humano es Ilegal   Sticker #3 – Labor is entitled to all it creates
I Remember Joe Hill sticker image
No Justice, No Peace sticker image
  Treason to Whiteness sticker image
Sticker #4 – I Remember Joe Hill Sticker #5 – No Justice – No Peace   Sticker #6 – Treason to Whiteness is Loyalty to Humanity
No War Between Nations sticker image
Question Patriotism sticker image
  Kickin' Ass for the Working Class sticker image
Sticker #7 – no war between nations – no peace between classes Sticker #8 – Question Patriotism   Sticker #9 – Kickin’ Ass for the Working Class
End Terrorism sticker image
The Working Class sticker image
  We Can No Longer Afford The Rich sticker image
Sticker #10 – End Terrorism: Dismantle the CIA
Sticker #11 – The Working Class,the folks who brought you...Weekends   Sticker #12 – We can no longer afford the RICH. Also available in white on black


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